Calm, for the moment [Open Thread]

Check out the on-time open thread! Everything is so calm and orderly right now, but next week I start traveling…
The Hold Steady: Separation Sunday: Basically, this is Craig Finn ranting into a microphone while his band plays badass rock music in the background. It’s actually pretty awesome. Based on the number of recurring characters throughout the album, there’s an overall story being told here, but I haven’t listened carefully enough to get a clear picture of it yet. “Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night”
UPDATE: It helps if I link the music file properly. In my defense, the link on the sidebar worked.

9 thoughts on “Calm, for the moment [Open Thread]

  1. Mason

    As this thread is open…
    I got a call at 10pm tonight from the movers letting me know that they needed to pick up my stuff tomorrow morning instead of Wednesday (as I had arranged). Sigh…
    Thankfully, I was way ahead of schedule and had even already bought the extra packing tape that I needed, so this meant a couple hour rush rather than an all-night rush. (Well, more than a couple hours if one counts breaks—I am waiting for a last-minute laundry effort to dry so that I can finish the job.)
    I need to find somewhere to crash tomorrow so that I don’t have to sleep on the floor (or maybe I can think of this as a live-action Sims game with an unfurnished house).
    My only other option was for this to be picked up after I leave town, and there’s no way I want to do that.
    Ah well…when moving, it’s a matter of being careful to minimize screw-ups. My previous moves have taught me that there will be something (or multiple things) despite the care one takes.

  2. Lemming

    Hm, LARPing a pencil & paper version of the Sims. Sounds like a blast.
    By the way, speaking of travelling and all, are we going to make any concrete plans for gaming the weekend after next? I’m also itching to go to the beach, fwiw.

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    Well, I still need to do the bulk of the preparation, as I have been distracted. I was hoping to work on it this weekend. Given the schedule we could play Thursday or Saturday, I imagine Saturday is better for most (plus, I could do last minute prep on Thursday and Friday). Maybe… go to the beach Saturday during the day, and play in the evening? Play in the evening at the beach? (Damn, that would be dorky.)
    I could conceivably go to the beach on Sunday, and drive back that evening, as well.

  4. Mason

    I’d go for playing at the beach.
    I’d offer my place, except my furniture probably still won’t be there. (The movers _royally_ blew this. After insisting doing this a day early, they then kept dangling the carrot a little farther and didn’t show up the day earlier and are now coming tomorrow, perhaps right when I want to go to the airport.)
    In continuing my analogy with the Sims, I am planning to reinstall the game, add a truck-driver skin to my Sim, and lock him in a room and have my way with him until he turns into an urn. (Unfortunately, I can’t be _too_ creative about it because I don’t have any of the expension packs or the sequel.) But I’ll get over it eventually…
    Anyway, playing at the beach sounds very cool.
    I am fine for any day.

  5. Zifnab

    Hmmm, thursday or saturday… I’m trying to fool myself into thinking i’d be able to play. Those are at least the most likely two days, but probably not feasible. Though I dunno, I could prolly get the whole crew to do the beach thing saturday, and let them get all tired out so L and I could game… *sigh* Need to play RPG, it’s been so long. I’m in the middle of a CS final right now, can you tell?
    Oh yeah, the original reason for my posting: If you haven’t seen this, you probably should:
    (originally found via Making Light,
    Anywa*rumble crush crush toast burny!*

  6. Mason

    It sounds like we should do Saturday to maximize your chances of joining us.
    Good luck on the final!
    I’m tired, but at least I’m done cleaning the apartment. (I actually only half finished the vacuuming in the afternoon, but I overheated the vacuum I borrowed, so that ended that.)

  7. Arcane Gazebo

    INFERNOKRUSHER!!! I was reading that Making Light post in the office yesterday and trying not to explode with laughter.
    (And of course I mean literally explode, blasting my desk and computer into fragments and causing widespread fires. Then, a monster truck crashes through the wall!)

  8. Arcane Gazebo

    It occurs to me that if I fall behind on my game preparation, I can employ the infernokrusher sensibility.
    GAZEBO: You are in a small office. There are crates stacked in the corner, and a book on the desk. There’s a yellow Post-It marking a page in the book.
    MASON: I open the book to the marked page.
    GAZEBO: Roll your sanity.
    MASON: [rolls] I pass.
    GAZEBO: The page contains an excerpt from the dread Necronomicon. You realize with growing horror that this is the dark secret behind the corporation’s activities.
    [Gazebo pages through his notes and realizes he hasn’t decided what the dark secret is.]
    GAZEBO: Suddenly, the crates, which contain blasting caps and oily rags, EXPLODE. You all take [rolls] 38 points of damage, 17 if you make a reflex save. The office is now a BLAZING INFERNO.
    LEMMING: Uh, we run out the door.
    GAZEBO: As you exit the building, you are RUN OVER BY A MONSTER TRUCK. It KRUSHES you for 56 points of damage. With an earthshaking roar, the burning building COLLAPSES onto your characters’ broken bodies, and the monster truck, leaving nothing but a FLAMING HEAP OF RUBBLE.
    PLAYERS: …
    GAZEBO: Hey, anyone want to go to the beach?

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