Sleater-Kinney and anger management

After talking up the Sleater-Kinney album earlier, you may be wondering where my review is: I’m saving it for Sunday so I can review the concert simultaneously (but it’s good). Meanwhile, The Onion AV Club has an interview with band member Carrie Brownstein. I enjoyed this comment:

CB: I think that’s how we approached a lot of the songwriting on this record, whether it was with Corin’s voice, really getting her to the point where she was just mad at us. “Why do you want me to sing this differently?” To the point where she would be so mad that then, when we went back into the part, she would be screaming, and it would be incredible. And we’d be like, “That’s exactly what we wanted!” And she would just be like, “Arrrggh!

Sounds about right—in fact, I’m just surprised they didn’t use this technique on previous records.