Zombies and Hexes [Open Thread]

Government agents have given me an antidote that slows the progress of the zombie infection. This provides me with some lucidity for spans of a few hours, but between doses I can feel my consciousness deteriorating, and the hunger for brains increasing. Meanwhile, Fafnir relates his own experiences with the epidemic; it seems that he has miraculously escaped infection.
Mary Timony: Ex Hex: I decided to pick up this album after the Sleater-Kinney concert, where Mary Timony was the opening band. The vocals are just okay; Mary Timony’s real strength is her guitar, so on songs like “9×3″ I’ve mostly been ignoring the lyrics and just listening to the instrumentation.
I tend to buy actual CDs rather than tracks on iTunes since I like having a physical object, with album art and liner notes. I really like the cover to Ex Hex for reasons that are not clear to me.

7 thoughts on “Zombies and Hexes [Open Thread]

  1. Mason

    I’m doing the penultimate bit of my unpacking (my stuff arrived last Friday), and I just found my Blockbuster card issued from the South Lake Avenue location in 1995. That’s just wrong…
    I wonder if they’ll honor it? (Have they changed format for their cards in the last 10 years…?)
    I also found my Caltech ID cards, so I’ll add that to the my high school freshman id card I have in front of my door. (My door placard hasn’t arrived yet, and this is more stylish anyway.) I’ll skip the other 3 high school IDs and the Cornell and Georgia Tech years. (I look like a terrorist in the Cornell ID, so I’m _definitely_ not putting that one in front of my office door.)

  2. Jolene

    You look like a terrorist in your Cornell ID? I guess it’s the most accurate looking of your ID photos then…
    Just kidding; I couldn’t resist. I blame this outburst on the zombie plague that’s moved south and has made me crave the brains of terrorists.
    (Hi everyone, by the way)

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    Mason, your ability to draw fire from lurkers (and random visitors) continues to impress me. IIRC, there’s a picture of you somewhere in which you intentionally look like the Unabomber, right?
    I recently was reminded that the actual Unabomber was originally an assistant professor at Berkeley, working on the third floor of Evans. Yet mysteriously he later tried to blow up Cory. Evans is a much worthier target, being the second ugliest building on campus (behind the architecture building).
    Jolene: Is it accurate because Mason actually looks like a terrorist, or because he actually is a terrorist? It’s an important distinction, if you intend to satisfy your craving by eating Mason’s brain. :)
    (The House Committee on Homeland Security may consider him a terrorist at this point, after that PNAS article.)

  4. Mason

    Um, Travis… who gave you permission to sell off my brain (or give it away for free or auction it off or do anything of the sort)? More important, what makes you think there’s actually anything left to eat?!?!?
    Jolene, little did you suspect but I have agents in San Diego. One has a law degree and a couple others are neurosurgeons, so you better be careful! ;P (Actually, the neurosurgeons could perhaps make the brains tastier, so maybe you ought to only worry about the agent with the law degree.)
    The thing that’s amazing is that pretty much every comment that has incited that stuff has been among the calmer of what I’ve had to say.
    There are _two_ pictures (and video footage from an airband skit…) in which I intentionally looked like the Unabomber. There’s a pic of me on my website that Jit Kee took in front of the mailboxes after a dinner conversation among all Kaons. (That was the first time I dressed up that way. I don’t remember who brought up possible Unabomber connections in the first place that night, but it had something to do with the fact I am a mathematician. Although Kazinsky studied harmonic analysis, and I do applied topics.) The second picture outside of airband (also on my website) is from Cornell in which I did my best neon Unabomber.
    For the PNAS thing, it looks like we’re going to get a cover story in some weird bi-monthly called Journal of Atomic Scientists (or something like that—I know I’m screwing up the title) that was initially started by Manhattan Project scientists. It concentrates on politically charged science research (nuclear weapons—that the guy interviewing me kept calling nukular—environmental stuff, etc.), and they have lately been doing a lot on national security/terrorism (no surprise). Their main readership is supposedly policy-makers and scientists, so we’ll see what comes of this. Anyway, my classification as a terrorist may be coming sooner than you think…

  5. Arcane Gazebo

    Mason: I just assumed it was a foregone conclusion that your brain would be eaten by zombie-Jolene. It didn’t occur to me that I could sell it—but it’s an excellent suggestion! To eBay!

  6. Jolene

    Well, when I mentioned terrorist brains, I was thinking more along the lines of, “Mason left himself wide open!” than “Oh yeah, Mason has looked like the Unibomber on many occasions.” Though that’s a good point…

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