Another Departure

After spending most of the week incapacitated by illness, I’ve been frantically preparing for my trip to Italy. I leave tomorrow, at the crack of 4 pm. (Note to the person who scheduled my 6 am Chicago flight: this is how it’s done.) My previous trip to Italy was very good for me romantically, but I do not have high expectations in that regard for this one, as I will be in a relatively isolated area surrounded mostly by physicists.
I’ll have internet access in some form, so I’ll try to do some travel-blogging and post some photos if possible. If the blog does go silent for a while, entertain yourselves in the open thread, or go outside or something.
I return Friday July 8, after which I will go see Batman Begins and Land of the Dead, and take up some larger projects.

3 thoughts on “Another Departure

  1. Josh

    I saw Batman in IMAX a half-week ago. Also, don’t forget to add Howl’s Moving Castle to the list. Though it’s not as good as Spirited Away or Mononoke.

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