Notes from Italy

My typical day so far: Breakfast, followed by four 50-minute lectures with breaks in between, followed by lunch. Then three hours free time during which I try desperately to stay awake and mostly fail. In the evenings, a couple hours of workshops before dinner. After dinner, hanging out on the terrace drinking wine.
This hotel is basically in the middle of nowhere, so the hotel restaurant is the only option for these meals. See the comment thread on the previous post for some further remarks on that.
Sightseeing excursions are planned for tomorrow afternoon (Lucca), Saturday (Florence), and Sunday (various sites in Tuscany).

3 thoughts on “Notes from Italy

  1. shellock

    Enjoy Italy I still remember the first time you where there. Infact in unpacking into the new house I found a note from aairplane ride back that you might find amusing. As for sedatives try a screwdriver.

  2. Mason

    I need to find a conference in Italy… preferably I need to get a plenary talk at one so I don’t have to use any of my travel funds. :)
    I found out about a relevant conference in Spain a little late, so now my fingers are crossed that my short talk gets accepted.

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