Return Current

I’m back on American soil, having just arrived in Chicago in the nursery section of a United flight from Munich. One more flight and a BART ride to go, then I can get some sleep.

3 thoughts on “Return Current

  1. sara

    So were you at this summer school in Italy?
    I just stumbled across your blog while doing some online research about pi-pulses (I’m a physics grad student who is moving from pure quantum optics to quantum optics + soild state).
    A good friend of mine Juan Hodelin, and my old advisor Dirk Bouwmeester were at that conference. (Both from UCSB where I did my masters, I am now in Geneva, Switzerland, long story).
    Anyway, thought that finding this blog was pretty funny and I had to comment.

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Sara: I’m not sure I was at the summer school you’re thinking of; neither of the people you mentioned were at il Ciocco as far as I know. The topic was superconductive electronics which seems a bit far afield from quantum optics. Was there another summer school in Italy this year?

  3. Anonymous

    ok, must have been a different one (i was assuming yours was more towards the macroscopic quantum states part of your research, which is work also being done in the UCSB group).

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