Hurricane relief info

For a more rational and compassionate response to the hurricane than the one in the previous post, see this list of relief organizations.
I just discovered that my three months living in Britain no longer disqualify me from giving blood, so I’m going to see about making a donation soon.

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  1. Wren

    Have they explicitly asked for blood yet? I recall being told sometime in the aftermath of 9/11 that while the impulse to donate blood during a crisis is laudable, if they can’t actually use the blood–either no additional need as in 9/11 or because of transport difficulties–it’s wasted, because of limited long-term storage capabilities.
    Of course, it’s always a good thing to give blood for the regularly scheduled drives. On that note, Naia Gelateria in downtown berkeley is doing a “pint of gelato for a pint of blood drive.” Tomorrow, I think. Or maybe Thursday. Worth checking out, though.


    Help Hurricane Katrina Victims

    UPDATE: The list was updated and reorganized on August 31, 2005 in the AM. This post was originally published on 08-30-2005 at 08:21 AM. Government agencies and private relief organizations are mounting what the Washington Times reports is the largest

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