Getting ready for our van’s second leg. We have twenty-four kills tallied on the side of the van; sadly none are mine, but I’ll try to pick some up on my next run.

3 thoughts on “Tally

  1. Arcane Gazebo

    We did have a team we were particularly intent on staying ahead of. I was especially proud of myself when I managed to pass their runner on the second-to-last leg of the race and subsequently opened up a wide lead for us (with respect to that one team). Still, “that only counts as one!”

  2. Mason

    Well, while I was walking to campus at Amherst, I saw a street sign near some “dorm” (really, a small apartment complex) for deaf students that was meant for the drivers. My first thought was, “How many points is a deaf person worth?”
    Just thought I’d share that…

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