Halloween Thread

Consider this a reader survey: what are you guys doing for Halloween? I am sufficiently tired from the weekend that I may not have much to contribute to the holiday; my one concession so far has been wearing my “Alas, poor Yorick” t-shirt which has a nice skull on it. I do have about half a pirate outfit from an unrelated party a week ago that I could recycle should I need a last-minute costume, but I will probably be too tired tonight to go to the Castro or anything like that.
Short version: For Halloween I am going as really lame.

31 thoughts on “Halloween Thread

  1. mortaine

    I went to a party on Saturday. I dressed as a flapper and had a great time and had to take a taxi home.
    Tonight: watch a movie. Eat popcorn. Practice piano. Work on book. Start NaNoNovel at midnight.

  2. Lemming

    Dammit Gazebo, this is embarassing. I wonder if I should go home and change? I suppose there’s not much chance we’ll be seen together, so hopefully this little coincidence will go unnoticed.

  3. Vanessa

    For a second, I read that you were going as Castro, and I can picture that all too well.
    We ventured down to Jersey for apple/pumpkin picking and the world’s least scary haunted hayride. In the spirit of costumes, we also raided a hat store and tried on many hats, taking many goofy pictures.
    We did not have nearly enough candy =p

  4. Jolene

    I didn’t get to make the costume I was planning out earlier this month, so I thought that I might as well wear my beholder hat to lab.
    Then I left the hat in my car and was too lazy to go back to the parking lot for it. Oops.

  5. Zifnab

    I too am doing Halloween as really lame. Maybe i’ll mess up my hair worse than usual and go as the sleepy graduate student. After a 3.5 hour meeting last night (starting at 9pm) about a paper, I feel I could probably even manage that one accurately.

  6. Chris LS

    I’ve been a purple lump on the sofa all day today. It might not be terrifying, but it is comfy.

  7. Josh

    Yesterday I was a Mormon as planned. Tonight I plan to be really tired after work. In fact, I’m really tired for work. I should get changed so that I can be really tired at work and close this fantastic circle.

  8. Mike^2

    If I was going to a Halloween party, I would have a costume. As it is, I’m writing a paper. I’m going to claim I’m dressed up as The Unwashed Undergrad.
    Mortaine: Wow, NaNoNo. Very cool.

  9. Mason

    Well, I went to campus today dressed as a geek.
    I am going to shortly eat dinner and head over to Zifnab’s to watch some Firefly. After that, I’ll go to the Pumpkin Drop for old time’s sake.
    I might do a little work later to couple the day-time stuff and the quantum computing reading over at Peet’s.

  10. JSpur

    I’m doing the road weary real estate finance puke who just checked into the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, Washington. I did see a three foot tall Darth Vader while I was over at the Am/PM getting a six pack of beer. Where I got carded by the way. Apparently the law is everybody gets carded up here. Doesn’t matter how goddamn old you are. And there’s a Sleater-Kinney Road (or something) up here- isn’t that the name of one of your bands?

  11. JSpur

    Well, there you go then. Speaking of bands, mama-san and I saw U2 in concert Saturday night at the American Airlines Center. They put on a fabulous show. Played for something like two and a half hours.

  12. Mason

    I saw a very small Darth Vader attempt to get candy from the person behind the counter at Peet’s, who rebuffed him. The Darth Vader was indignantly bratty (well, fairly mildly, but still…) on his/her way out of the cafe.

  13. Wren

    For Halloween, the prof I’m TAing for gave me two additional stundet papers to grade tonight. I’m unclear if this was supposed to be a treat.

  14. Mason

    I couldn’t tell. I was listening to really loud music on my iPod.
    Travis, that was a beautiful comment. The scene in the movie was annoying, but given all the humor fodder that’s come since, I guess I should be happy it was there in some perverted sense.

  15. Siren

    I wore some stuff from my closet: Black velvet knickers, riding type boots, white blouse laced up the front, embroidered vest, black velvet coat (ankle length) and my feathered hat. Thus attired, I went to work at 7 in the morning and got numerous compliments.

  16. Arcane Gazebo

    Siren: Excellent. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that can assemble a Halloween costume from random items in my closet, but somehow I haven’t accumulated the right components over time. I can still manage a Starfleet uniform at least… (maybe I shouldn’t admit this)

  17. Mohi

    I went as a witch, so you could say I went as me.
    Hello all, haven’t been on this for a while. Thanks for the blog about my article travis!
    I wore a black dress, a long black sweater, bright orage halloween socks with spiderweb patterns, an orange sash, and a witch hat (oh and a skull necklace and earings). And pigtails
    And thus attired, I took my nephew (bob the builder) out to trick-or treat. Except that the adults answering the door kept asking me if I wanted candy, even though I was hanging back!
    All right gang, just get the short jokes over with. heightists.
    ps: what are three-foot-tall darth vaders doing getting beer anyhow?

  18. Arcane Gazebo

    Mohi! You should drop by here more often. :) Anyway, I’m sure it was your youthful exuberance and elaborate costume that earned you those candy offers.
    Is Peet’s serving beer now? I should drop by there more often.

  19. Justin

    Gazebo: which kind of Starfleet uniform? TOS, movies, TNG; red, blue, or yellow (if non-movie)? Enquiring minds want to know!

  20. JSpur

    Just to be clear- I think she’s referring to the dwarfish Vader I saw at the AM/PM where it was yours truly that was scoring the beer, not the one Mason saw at Peet’s.
    And to be even clearer, I LOVE short people. LOVE LOVE LOVE ’em.
    Especially if there’s any chance they can use their insider status at the Times to get my next book reviewed by Marilyn Stasio.

  21. Justin

    TNG captain, interesting choice… For some reason I figured TOS would be a more natural fit for you. Personally, I always thought those maroon movie-era uniforms were the spiffiest of the lot. Perhaps that says something about me that I’ve actually thought about the relative coolness of Star Trek uniforms. 😀

  22. Mason

    Coffee/beer: Peet’s wouldn’t ever do that, although I wouldn’t be shocked if places like Equator Cafe did that (they do coffee/bong instead, but anyway). I’m pretty sure Roma Espresso (or something like that) on College Ave has both coffee and beer. They also have substandard air conditioning (or maybe none?).
    Justin: Given your comments above, any and all complaints you made about scoring higher than me on the geek test are completely unfounded. Certainly one can complain that I didn’t score high enough (I’m an underachiever that way), but your nice little Star Trek uniform bit has utterly destroyed any argument you may have once had. :)

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