I will be at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival tomorrow through Sunday. I’ll probably be more or less without an Internet connection for that period, so it’s likely I won’t be updating until Monday.

The djinn I was missing in Golden Sun turns out to have been in the secret dungeon that I missed. I only discovered this after reaching the final boss and resorting to a FAQ. (I knew that was final dungeon music! Don’t ask me how, although I guess it sounds a bit like Secret of Mana’s. I earlier managed to identify the music composer as the incomparable Motoi Sakuraba, after recognizing certain signature elements in the port town music that were giving me Star Ocean 2 flashbacks. This explained why my playing Golden Sun mysteriously coincided with a rapidly developing urge to replay The Greatest Game of All Time. I’m on Chapter 3 now, and Llewellyn sucks.)

So once I grab this djinn and return to demolish the final boss with my now-overpowered characters, it’ll be reassuring to know that Golden Sun 2 is already out. Especially since the first one only ends about halfway through the story; as far as I can tell from my incomplete perspective, the sequel picks up the rest, with an interesting twist. I was looking at the package in the store, and checked out a screenshot which displayed the character names in battle. “Can this be right? Those are the bad guys!”

This is probably interesting to very few of you, so I’ll quit now. I’ll look more sophisticated on Monday, when I’m talking about Shakespeare plays instead of video games.