This explains so much

I hadn’t been keeping up with David Brin’s blog, but fortunately Brad Delong has, and linked to Brin’s latest insight: we are living in a simulation, and the simulation is a certain person’s Mary Sue fantasy:

How about this one? That we are all living inside someone else’s Start Trek Holodeck dream. Is there any way we could test this hypothesis? A method that goes even deeper than cybernetics, neurophysiology or even physics?
Simply look around and see who has been impossibly fortunate, vastly out of all proportion to personal talent and competence, or even family privilege, or even any possible intervention by anomalous good luck!

You can probably guess the punchline at this point, but the whole post is entertaining.

2 thoughts on “This explains so much

  1. Mason

    OK, let’s try this again. I forgot how the greater than and less than signs were treated in html.
    [[Looks around to try to find the giant screen and the giant, tired-looking face peering behind it. Thought bubble with a [[exercise for the reader]] appears above my head. Whimpers a bit at the giant face from outside the screen, and then waves frantically and yells invectives in gibberish at the face.]]
    Damn red bars—they get you every time!

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