Rampage [Open Thread]

I held off posting the open thread because the Halloween thread seemed to be filling that role. (Not because I was distracted playing Katamari Damacy. No.) My media selections this week are strongly correlated with Mason’s.
Mirrormask: This movie has already generated some contentious discussion in comments, so I feel like I’m a bit late to the party. I basically agree with Mason’s take, that Gaiman is aiming for a fantasy in the vein of Alice in Wonderland, in which plot is secondary to exploring a different world that follows its own logic. The visual execution of this was quite good, but I felt that Gaiman wasn’t really at the top of his game in terms of finding clever twists on one’s usual assumptions. Nevertheless it was mostly successful, and there are some great moments (like the encounter with the Sphinx).
We Love Katamari: After hearing about Katamari Damacy and its successor for months, I finally got a chance to play. Now I’m hooked. The game mechanics are pretty simple: the player rolls around a small ball (the katamari) that’s sticky so everything smaller than the ball gets picked up. You start out picking up small items like thumbtacks and pencils, and as these things get stuck to the ball it gets larger and you can graduate to books and fruit and small animals, until the ball gets a little bigger, and so on until you’re rolling around an enormous wad of stuff picking up houses and trees and giant squid. There’s a real turning point once the ball gets big enough to pick up people, and the citizens who were previously walking around obliviously suddenly start running away when the ball approaches. At that point there’s a feeling of rampaging through the city like a proper Japanese monster.
Vitalic: OK Cowboy: Wow, this is some brilliant and strange electronica. The album opens with some sort of electro-polka and closes with two and a half minutes of fanfares played only on drums; the tracks in between are slightly more conventional but definitely awesome. Recently I bought new speakers and a substantial subwoofer; this was one of the first albums I played on the new system and it was as if I was hearing it for the first time: the bass is really supposed to be penetrating, so adjust your set appropriately. It’s a bit tough to choose a representative track from this disc, but try “Repair Machines”.

5 thoughts on “Rampage [Open Thread]

  1. Mason

    Now, are our media picks just correlated or entangled? (Yeah, I’m learning stuff in my quantum computation class and applying it to stuff that was never intended! Ooh, on that note, I should add a new section to a certain “article” I wrote a couple years ago… Then AIR will really find it potentially offensive to its readership.)
    Mirrormask: Yes, we basically agree, but you were just a bit more elegant than I was in stating your opinion. Good job!

  2. Mason

    Is that how that’s spelled?
    Am I correct that this is a reference to a certain song by Yellow or am I just seeing what I want to see?

  3. Mason

    Oh, that was wishful thinking on my part.
    Actually, that theme has been stuck in my head for several days and I’ve been trying _really_ hard to overwhelm it with Depeche Mode. (I need to write a blurb about that album, but I’m not sure when I’ll do it yet.)

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