The California Love and Puppies Act [Open Thread]

Reaction of the poll worker when I turned in my card: “That was fast!” I didn’t really know how to respond to that. I did at least take time to read the names of the propositions to make sure I wasn’t accidentally voting against some previously-unknown initiative that was slipped in between 74 and 75 and guaranteed love and puppies for all, or something.
Ask Darth how I voted!
And now, a music review:
The Rosebuds: Birds Make Good Neighbors: Here’s another album I’ve really enjoyed lately; I’m always up for some good indie-pop. These songs manage to be fun while covering some dark and angsty topics. The first track is called “Hold Hands & Fight” which is a pretty good hint of the themes of the album. My favorite song here is “Leaves Do Fall”: the lyrics are very evocative and the music is perfectly matched to the mood of the song. They have some more tracks for download at their website, apparently full songs and not just samples.
In other news, according to Amazon A Feast for Crows is shipping. I had meant to have finished Woken Furies by now so I wouldn’t have to decide which to read first… Dammit.

9 thoughts on “The California Love and Puppies Act [Open Thread]

  1. Lemming

    This is awful. You mean to say that that bill, carefully worded by Mr. Tupac Shakur and Dr. Andre Romel Young, has been sullied with a rider? It’s the nefarious pet lobby, no doubt, trying to “throw a bone”, pardon the pun, to an industry that only serves to subjugate and enslave our fine, furry friends.
    Fuck Petco.

  2. Wren

    Damnit, now I have to either re-read all of them or remember what happened in the last one. And, geez, how long is this series going to be?

  3. Josh

    It was a good call to look at all the names of the propositions. If you’d seen the West Wing Season 4, they had some wackiness to a mistake to that effect in the middle of that season.

  4. JSpur

    Since this is an open thread with something of a political theme I’d like to report that one of my partners was at a fundraiser for Kinky Friedman ( last night and returned with a baseball cap autographed by Kinky to me, reading “To Jim- from one great author to another.” Seems like Kinky had heard of my work, somewhat to my astonishment. Kinky for Governor in ’06! Why the hell not?

  5. Mason

    Maybe Kinky ought to use a different stage name? Then again, a Democratic Senatorial candidate from Mississippi in 1996 was James W. (“Bootie”) Hunt. (Yes, he actually ran for office under the name Bootie Hunt. Maybe he was trying to cut into the Republican vote?)

  6. Jenny

    My poll worker gave me the same comment. What, was everyone else reading the things for the first time. There were only 7 of them and the only choices were yes/no. In psych, we learned about the “magic number 7 +/- 1″ paper that said that humans and remember a string of 7 things +/- 1. Once I glance at the numbering to make sure I was going in the right order, it took no time to rattle of my yes/no sequence. Maybe there really should be some sort of intellegence test before you’re allowed to vote.

  7. Lemming

    It’s pretty risky, not to mention a very touchy subject, to require any sort of restriction on who gets to vote. Not that I’m against it, per se–in fact, just a simple “connect the lines” between proposition numbers and names, if you get more than half right you’re allowed inside to vote, would probably filter out a lot of noise.

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