Vegas Notes

What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay there, but I should say a few words about what I did instead of blogging the last few days:
Cirque du Soleil: I saw “O”, which is their water-oriented show done at a special theater (in the Bellagio) with a pool taking up most of the stage. Mostly the show consists of fantastically beautiful acrobatics into, out of, and above the water. They use fire nicely too. I wasn’t really into the clown acts, but those at least provided a recovery period before something interesting happens again.
Blue Man Group: Another awesome show. I’m not sure how to describe it—comic performance art? You’ve probably seen them in Intel commercials and stuff but the real thing is about a million times better.
Food: Good. But expensive.
Gaming: I did best at video poker but felt classiest playing blackjack. I find slots pretty boring, where the only variety is found by pulling the lever instead of pushing the button. I prefer to have something to strategize on (even if the perfect strategy for the game is known, as in both of the aforementioned games).
Carpets of Death: The carpet at the Venetian could have powered the slot machines from the electrons it was stripping off my feet. I found myself bracing for the shock every time I touched a machine, which provided a deterrent from spending much money there (although that’s where I happened to win the most). The carpets at the Bellagio did a bit of this but much less than at the Venetian.
Overall, a good use of my Thanksgiving break.

3 thoughts on “Vegas Notes

  1. Josh

    I’ve decided that it was my fault that Pat Morita died in his home in Las Vegas on Thursday night.
    In essence, I believe that I was so unlucky that I killed Mr. Miyagi.

  2. Chris L-S

    When I was at the MGM Grand for my conference, I had the same problem with static electricity. Odd that their carpet would seemingly create negative feedback whenever you touch a slot. You’d figure they would want something positive when you touched a slot, like, oh, I don’t know, a blowjob or something. That would be quite a trick.
    Anyway, it led to me carrying my keys around in my hand and touching my truck key to every peice of metal I passed.

  3. Mason

    I want to see Blue Man Group. I’m jealous.
    My understanding is that Morita was sick for a little while. Still, a piece of my paradigm has gone. Wax on, wax off. Don Adams died a couple months ago, so I’m losing important parts of my paradigm here.
    Shocks: I always got that from the Lloyd Crotch couches and staircase rails between Upper and Lower Crotch during the beginning of winter term (and sometimes during the very end of fall term). It would really get to me after a little while, and I too relied on keys. Vito’s car constantly gave me shocks in the winter as well, and one time (when I visited after graduating), I was playing games with some people in Upper Crotch and sitting on one of the couches when I got a major shock from another person (maybe getting a Pictionary card that person was holding or something? I don’t remember the game) who simultaneously got a shock from me. (This isn’t how electricity between humans is supposed to work.) Both of us jumped back (extremely startled! and I even heard a little bit of noise from the shock). Everybody else in Upper Crotch was like what the Hell is going on here. I have no idea what happened, but I was afraid I was going to scare away one of the new Lloydies—which was far less acceptable after I graduated than it was before!

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