Useful Physics Aggregators

Those of you who come here for the physics blogging (which has been somewhat absent of late) may be interested in a couple of links I found recently, via referrals and Technorati:
Mixed States aggregates the RSS feeds of a number of physics blogs (including this one). Since the included bloggers are listed by their real name, it’s a nice way to see who else in the community is blogging (although I didn’t recognize any names that I knew from physics rather than from reading blogs).
Coherence * is a blog reviewing work in superconducting quantum computing, something that should be useful to me professionally (perhaps more so than the cond-mat RSS feed, which is high volume and a bit tough to sort by topic). Above their blogroll they list professors working in the field, including former Clarke group member and current collaborator Britton Plourde, but strangely not John Clarke himself. (However, there are at least four of John’s former students/postdocs there, among other familiar names.)

2 thoughts on “Useful Physics Aggregators

  1. Mason

    Mixed States: There are a few names I know here. Orzel (who I don’t know personally but one of whose papers I’ve read), Dave Bacon (Rudd, class of ’97, former BFD editor, in quantum info science), David Hogg (former Phys 1 TA), and Travis Hime (duh). There are a few other names that look vaguely familiar, so I bet I’ve encountered a paper or two of theirs at some point.

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