Tentacle Porn

Pharyngula has a post on squid sex. With diagrams and photos. Go on, click, you perverts.
The SQUIDs I study never do this, although I have been studying qubit couplings for the past few weeks. The process is somewhat less titillating than actual squid getting it on, but when I have better data I may post about it anyway. (I named the two qubits Angelina and Brad in the hopes of encouraging them to couple; it seems to have worked.)

2 thoughts on “Tentacle Porn

  1. Jolene

    Ewwww. Squid tentacle biology.
    That reminds me. A board game website that I read recently had a question posted asking how to laminate card stock without going to Kinko’s. The explanation: this guy printed out a free game called “Hentacle” as a “present” for “a friend,” and naturally he didn’t want to take the printed-out cards to Kinko’s and hand them over to a horrified guy behind the counter.

  2. Mason

    I think some locations of Kinko’s may allow self-lamination. (Naturally, you can interprit that statement any way you want.)
    I immediately was thinking Cthulhu when I read the title to this entry.
    Also, that’s a nice take on the proverbial Alice and Bob. :) That joke clearly needs to be used in your March Meeting talk. It’s a moral imperative…

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