Brain Erasure Requested

There’s been heated debate in the blogosphere recently over whether the hit Black Eyed Peas single “My Humps” is, in fact, the Worst Song Ever Recorded. Near-consensus exists that at least (a) the song really, really sucks, and (b) it is mentally infectious at a level comparable to the Rawling virus from Altered Carbon. I’d been spared hearing this song so far, since I rarely listen to the radio, but against my better judgement I decided to follow my curiosity and find out if it’s really that bad.
While listening to it, my impression was that while bad, it wasn’t as godawful as I had been led to believe. Sure, the lyrics are egregiously stupid, and the music is shoddy. But one can hear far worse songs getting 70 rotations a week on any given radio station. But then, after listening to the song, I went off to a meeting, and it was already stuck in my head. I sat there for two hours trying to think about physics while my mind was looping “My humps! My humps! My humps!” Then I went home, and listened to better music, and it was still stuck in my head. “My humps! My humps! My humps!” I’m ready to reformat my brain and restore from backup.
Eventually one has to ask the question: what do you get if you combine this song with one of the best songs ever recorded? Hopefully, you get a trial at the Hague for crimes against humanity. Someone has created a mashup of “My Humps” with the Arcade Fire song “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)”, entitled (needless to say) “Hump My Tunnel”. To paraphrase Warren Ellis, don’t listen.

8 thoughts on “Brain Erasure Requested

  1. Chris L-S

    I was really, REALLY tempted to click on the Slate link to the song, but decided that my brain has enough problems without adding some sickening viral song to the mess in there already.

  2. Mason

    Gazebo, that’s a hilarious post!
    That said, I’m not listening to the song which I (thankfully!) haven’t heard on the grouns that the Black Eyed Peas are bloody stupid and (on principle) don’t deserve my spending any of my time to listen to their drek. Not to prejudge this song or anything…
    Also, I would like to avoid the need to reformat my brain.

  3. Lemming

    The sacrelicious remix/mashup is a staple of my aural diet. I eagerly await partaking of this fine quisine with the volume up to eleven once I am safely tucked away in my humble abode. Until then, I salivate in masochistic anticipation.

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