Fire and Ice

Despite the best attempts of American Airlines to stop me with delays and mechanical failures, I have returned to Berkeley. Luckily there was no new flooding, but the rain continues. Meanwhile, in Connecticut I saw actual snow. Here are a couple of pictures I took while I was there:
This one is of a reservoir in New Canaan, which was partially iced over. It had been above freezing for several days and the ice was melting away.
ice over reservoir
New Year’s Eve was on the last night of during Hannukah, and the party I attended (at Shellock’s house) celebrated both. The full display of eight menorahs was quite impressive:

10 thoughts on “Fire and Ice

  1. Mason

    Actually, Hanukkah ended at sundown on January 2nd. (Although I was paranoid enough to look it up.)
    The menorah display is quite impressive.

  2. Lemming

    Ooh. The first picture is really pretty.
    The menorah display is also something–at that point, do you light them in parallel, or do some sort of diagonalization? If you had 32 instead of 8, the “coolest” ordering from my perspective would be an FFT-like stride, lighting the first candle on the first day, the middle candle on the second day, and the middle candle in the resulting sub-intervals each following day. Teh mad sexah. I think perhaps I’m being a bit “gratuitous” (yeah yeah, my mantra), but it’s just the first thing that jumped out at me. Seriously.

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    I like having a few days to admire the snow and ice, but I’ve grown pretty fond of the mild Northern California climate.
    But hey, if global warming continues those cold New England winters may become a thing of the past…

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