More Bush Cronyism, Absolutism

Apparently one of the lessons George W. Bush took away from the Harriet Miers fiasco was that if he wants to appoint unqualified cronies, he should bypass that pesky Senate. Yesterday evening he made seventeen recess appointments, including at least one egregiously unsuited candidate.
It’s hard not to see this in the present context of the administration asserting its right to ignore the law in order to torture detainees and spy on US citizens. Bush really does believe that Congress is irrelevant as far as the executive is concerned.
A lot of people are suggesting that Bush is acting like a king. Well, yeah. He’s been acting like a king ever since he decided he was qualified to be president solely because his father had held the office. When we elect presidents on a hereditary basis, it should be no surprise that they start thinking they’re monarchs…

2 thoughts on “More Bush Cronyism, Absolutism

  1. Justin

    It’s pretty clear that von Spakovsky (FEC; key player in the Georgia poll tax and involved in Delay’s illegal redistricting in Texas) and Sauerbrey (moving from one crony job to another, from anti-abortion crusader at the UN to asst. sec. state for population, refugees, and migration) also fall into the egregiously unsuited category. Apparently the three FEC appointees were nominated just a few weeks ago, so the Senate hasn’t even had the opportunity to hold hearings on them. To me, that really takes the cake – a Bolton case where the Senate makes clear they won’t approve the nominee after full hearings and debate is an unsavory but understandable use of recess appointments, but not even giving the Senate time to look at the nominee… Wow. At the risk of being unduly shrill, I’m continually amazed that these clowns keep finding new lows to sink to.
    And Myers must be pretty awful if even the wingnuts believe it’s an unacceptable case of cronyism!
    England (deputy sec. defense) and Kirsanow (NLRB) are also being criticized – hadn’t heard of them before.
    I wonder what the statistics are on recess appointments – I bet W’s got a record going there, like with most vacation days and fewest vetos. :-)

  2. Mason

    I already had a chance to insult Bush several times in succession today (and then ask publically if Maryland was far enough north for me to do that). Thus, I think I’ve already met my quota.

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