This is of course not an appropriate forum for personal messages. However, I don’t intend to let that stop me.

Jeremiah Spur: The answer to your IM question may be suggested by the fact that I was in lab at the time you sent it. Being in lab on a Friday night is especially annoying; it’s not like I had a date tonight or anything, but that’s the night I’d really rather be at home with my feet up. (Or right ankle.)

The person waving and calling what sounded like my name from a car window at Shattuck and Center: Apparently your eyesight is better than mine, as I was unable to recognize you. Let me know who you are, because now I’m curious.

Rocket Scientists: I’ll see if I can drop in to Planetside tomorrow. (I don’t think any of you are reading this, though.)

The Forces of Chaos: Damn you, my ankle hurts.