Against my better judgement

I’m trying the social networking thing again, this time on MySpace. My profile is here. I hear this is a good way to find new music, although I also hear that they have sold out to The Man (aka Rupert Murdoch). Regardless, as far as I know only one of my friends is on this thing, so let me know if you have a profile so I can add you.

9 thoughts on “Against my better judgement

  1. Chris L-S

    I’ve heard really scary things about MySpace, but perhaps that is simply my reaction to all things pop culture. I seem to remember someone wearing a shirt that said something along the lines of “MySpace Ruined MyLife”.
    Of course, I really have no clue what it is.

  2. Mason

    I may have signed up to that in the past via a friend info. When I clicked on your entry, it seemed to know my e-mail address, so I guess I have an account there. You can tell how much I use it…

  3. Lemming

    Same, I apparently have an account from a 3 or 4 years back… Maybe I’ll tidy it up and connect teh dots at some point.

  4. Michael H

    They just said on the news that two girls dissapeared after creating sexy mindspace profiles. So, a.) don’t do so and b.) stay away from the jailbait. :)

  5. Mason

    Craig’s list is occasionally useful.
    I don’t think there’s any danger of me disappearing. One can either be the people being abducted or the people doing abducting, and everybody knows what path I chose…

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