2006 March Meeting Abstract

Less than two months remain before the APS March Meeting, which in terms of blogging means more short posts at odd hours, when I’m not in the lab trying to gather lots of last-minute data. Here’s the abstract for my talk:

Abstract: K40.00012 : Variable Coupling of Two Flux Qubits
5:06 PM–5:18 PM
T. Hime, P.A. Reichardt, B.L.T. Plourde, T.L. Robertson, C.-E. Wu, A.V. Ustinov, John Clarke
We report observations of variable coupling of two flux qubits. The qubits are coupled inductively to each other and to a readout Superconducting QUantum Interference Device (SQUID). By applying microwave radiation to the device, we observed resonant absorption in each of the qubits when the level splitting in the qubit matched the energy of the microwave photons. Using the two on-chip flux bias lines we adjusted the bias of each qubit so that the energy levels of the two qubits were equal; we then observed a splitting of the resulting absorption peak characteristic of coupling between the qubits. We varied the coupling between the qubits by changing the current bias in the SQUID in the zero voltage state, thereby changing its dynamic inductance and thus modifying the effective mutual inductance between the qubits. We compare the resulting changes in splitting with our predictions. This controllable coupling should be extendable to many qubits.

I’ll do a post explaining this in more detail around the time of my talk; some of this work is still, uh, “in progress”. (In fact we have performed all the experiments mentioned in the abstract, but we are working on collecting more/better data.) The talk immediately before mine covers some other results from these experiments.

2 thoughts on “2006 March Meeting Abstract

  1. Mason

    It’s a good thing you weren’t given an early morning session this time! Only out of extreme loyalty did I manage to attend…
    A blog entry about the abstract is a good idea.
    In my case, while we are about to submit a follow-up to our paper, my talk (which is on the Congress project) is so short that there won’t be time to mention anything except that we did all these extra details. (The submission may occur in January. We’re in the home stretch. All delays right now are because of other distractions people have. The paper just needs slight tweaking.) There are going to be a bunch of complex networks people at the March Meeting (this has been true for several years now, as this field is basically applied statistical mechanics), so I specifically decided to present that project and to also enter a poster on it in the statistical and nonlinear physics gallery.
    Of course, if everything goes well next month, I might be a bit scarce during parts of the meeting as I do some apartment-hunting.

  2. Mason

    OK, so the reference to ‘two’ is in the very first sentence…
    I swear I read it before, but everything apparently went right out the other ear… (I think this has something to do with the abstract filter I’ve developed. Read it to see if it’s worth seeing—which in this case doesn’t require me to go past the speaker—and then mark down that I’m going to see it and promptly forget any and all of the abstract’s content. There’s some futile attempt at brain conservation going on here.)

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