Beer Minute

Allow me to second Scott Lemieux’s recommendation of Deschutes microbrews. Their Mirror Pond Pale Ale is regularly stocked in my fridge.
You may treat this as a beer thread in which to make your own recommendations. (Although this isn’t much of a beer-drinking crowd.) I assume people also know about Pyramid, whose Hefeweizen was the first beer I actually enjoyed drinking, and has a brewpub here in Berkeley. What are the good east coast microbrews? I might end up back there at some point.

8 thoughts on “Beer Minute

  1. Josh

    The drink of choice in the Chicago area midwest is Berghoff. You may or may not have had some during visits.

  2. Chris L-S

    I don’t think they bottle it, but without a doubt my favorite beer is BJ’s Brewery’s Jeremiah Red. Fantastic red beer with a lot of flavor.
    If I have to buy something for home use, I will often get Gorden Birsch’s Marzen, and will look for interesting red ales.

  3. Mason

    Not that I know anything about this (given that I don’t drink alcohol), but I’ll mention one drink that amuses me—namely, I am referring to Polygamy Porter (which was first brought to my attention in 2003 by one of the conference staff at an applied math conference in Utah), whose offical slogan was (and perhaps still is) “Bring some home for the wives”. The bottles also contain “appropriate” art to accompany the slogan. (Apparently, many mormons have been offended by this particular advertising campaign…) The staff member gave me a bottle so I could keep a copy of the art and then I forgot to take it with me, so I ordered a t-shirt with that picture. (This is the only one of my t-shirts in which I am not willing to give a lecture, just to give you an idea of where one might consider putting this on the offensive-to-normal-people scale.)
    Of course, I can’t say anything about the drink itself.

  4. JSpur

    I’ve never had Jeremiah Red but I endorse it whole-heartedly nonetheless.
    And Berghoff is indeed good beer. I have one everytime I have a late afternoon flight out of O’Hare.

  5. shellock

    A freind one recomend he-brew “the chosen beer” ( Alas to me it tasted like beer which is to say somethign i find foul. I will stink with Port and Schemernoff Ice

  6. Lemming

    Not beer per se, but close. I popped open one of the bottles of mead I brewed back in ’01 this last weekend–sadly, it seemed past it’s prime. Now, the bottle I opened after about half a year was just fine, but this was noticably off. I guess this mostly serves as a warning for anyone who might still have a bottle left.

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