3 thoughts on “Alternate Plan

  1. Lemming

    Sigh. Unless mass confusion is an intended part of the gameplay (see: Coinage), complex rules are useless for drinking games. The “drinking game” joke template is far divorced from what actually makes a good drinking game (maybe I should say “observational drinking game”).
    I saw, mentioned on Fark, an excellent drinking game for the speech–drink whenever he makes up a word.
    I dunno, but scanning over a printout of instructions while trying to watch the speech while drunk just doesn’t excite me.
    One of the best ones I’ve ever heard is for watching the Evil Dead movies–drink whenever Ash gets hurt. Brilliant! Of course, having a handful of rules works, it doesn’t only have to be one, but it’s too easy to get carried away and ruin the game.
    Sorry to all who’ve heard this rant before. 😛

  2. Mason

    While the rules are complicated, they are amusing, so I’m all for watching somebody else try to follow them. (Anyway, reading them is fun enough.)
    I love the McCarthyism reference at the bottom of the web page.

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    Well, yeah, that one I linked isn’t really playable, although I always thought the point of a complex rule set is that people will get sloppy about following it after a while. Anyway, I saw one from a liberal organization today that was even less playable (it was meant more as allegory I think).

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