Noble Traditions

I see some things haven’t changed. Via Fark:

Students in Tutus Saved From Mountain Road
PASADENA, Calif. (AP) – Two dozen Caltech students wearing Superman capes, tutus and other odd attire as part of a hazing stunt were rescued after getting stranded on the Mount Wilson Toll Road.

By this point in the article I already knew which house was responsible.

Organizers of the California Institute of Technology initiation ritual said they didn’t realize the road had been covered last year by a landslide.
“You’ve got to remember that common sense is not factored into the intelligence quotient,” said Deputy Greg Gabriel, who leads the Altadena Search and Rescue team.
The annual Mount Wilson Night, when freshmen are initiated into the Page House dormitory at Caltech, started off as planned Monday night, Caltech sophomore Nick Goeden said Tuesday.

(Emphasis mine.) That quote from the deputy should become the new Page House motto.

6 thoughts on “Noble Traditions

  1. Mason

    I found out about who was responsible the cool way—on NBC news during a teaser in which they didn’t give any details but instead just let me catch a glimpse of a brief pan of the words “Page House” from the building itself right after they indicated the hazing and tutus bit…
    However, my understanding (via friends from Lower Page) is that Page is good about making participation in this particular event optional. Anyway, I’m guessing there wasn’t actual hazing and certainly hope there wasn’t.

  2. Lemming

    The faux-abandonment up at Mt. Wilson is an old tradition, iirc. I know it happened my frosh year for certain, and I’m pretty sure it’s done every year.
    They drive a bunch of ’em up to Mt. Wilson and pretend to leave them. They let them think they’ve left them completely, but they’re waiting in their cars maybe 2 or 3 miles down the mountain. They start the long walk home, only to find jackholes in cars in an hour or two.
    Pushing it, sure, but I’m not sure I would quite call it hazing.
    I think it’s kind of retarded that this warranted a “rescue”. I wonder if someone else just came across them before the upperclassmen figured out what was wrong? The frosh had the sense to, I dunno, turn around, I hope?

  3. Mason

    This tradition is indeed a very old one.
    I believe they usually do pick them up before they walk all the way back (I was misremembering that yesterday), although I have vague memories of Greg Fricke ’00 missing the pick-up and actually walking all the way back to Page.

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