11 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Super Bowl

  1. Josh

    I hate football. Always have, always will. I probably wouldn’t if the commercials, 13 minute breaks in between plays, and 5-hour half-time “Fuck you, watch this” moments weren’t there to kill all the tension.
    If they wanted to make it interesting for me, the offensive/defensive lines would be armed. THAT would be tense.
    That is all.

  2. Justin

    I don’t remember the Sprint commercial, and disliked the Fed Ex commercial. By itself, it was enjoyable, but I can’t help but think that in this country it’s irresponsible to do anything (no matter how funny) that reinforces IDiot/fundie misconceptions that dinosaurs and primitive hominids coexisted…
    My favorite commercials were wastes of money for the advertiser, since I don’t remember what the heck they were for. :-) The two “deceptive first impressions” spots, one at the hospital and one on the airplane. Bud’s animal football/streaker thing was good, too.

  3. Mason

    Hmmm… a lot of these didn’t make it onto the site Travis mentioned. Maybe they’ve posted some of the others now?
    I liked the Jackie Chan ‘stunt double’ one.

  4. Zifnab

    My thoughts on the superbowl:
    I could have done without 90% of the pregame show (and did), 90% of the commercials (most were just stupid. I did like Sprint’s Crime Deterrent and FedEx Cavemen, both for the unexpectedness of the punchlines.), 100% of the half-time show, and 100% of Madden’s commentary. I like watching the actual game, and though this one was agonizing, it was fun to watch. Several plays in particular were just beautiful – Parker’s 75 yd run was just great the way everything opened up and he just ran. One of the run reverses the Steelers ran was stunning, the way it looked like everything had gone to the right side of the field, until you realized that the guy with the ball was the one dude running on the left side with noone there. (That was one of Roethlisberger’s runs if I remember right, where he faked to Bettis and it really felt like Bettis had the ball.) Both of the key sacks on 3rd down the Steelers got were cool, and the reverse play to Randle El throwing to Ward for a touchdown was awesome. I hadn’t seen that play when it was run in the regular season (against the Browns), and had wanted to, and it was just as cool as i’d imagined.
    Oh, and it’s been sort of annoying the way some reporters are blaming the officials for the Steeler’s win. The main three they call are the offensive pass interference that took the Seahawk’s touchdown away (the received pushed off his defender, creating space between them. The replay showed it clearly, and as I understand it, anything except a stiff-arm is pushing off and a foul. That wasn’t a take-away, it was calling exactly what the rulebook says), the low tackle call against Hasselback after he was intercepted (yeah, they messed that up, he clearly wasn’t going for anyone but the runner. I also don’t think it mattered in the long run. The way the Steelers were playing, just the interception was enough momentum to lead to the score.), and the running touchdown by Roethlisberger. Yeah, he moved the ball after the play to make it look like it crossed, but the officials called it based on the rules, and the replays clearly show the ball came over the endzone line, and the officials did view that replay. Besides, even if they didn’t get that, they had 4th down and literally inches. Who doesn’t think Bettis would run that?
    Anyways… Wish there had been a cleaner game (Seahawks dropped a lot of passes, neither defense was as flashy as advertised, Steelers didn’t get a good offense running until very late in the first half), but it was still fun to watch. :)

  5. Laura

    Any football game that has a guy reliving his college days as a quarterback, though he’s a different position now, seems like “real” football to me. You know, back in the gool ole days when the same guys played offense AND defense. Of course, I never saw any of those games, didn’t see the Super Bowl, and didn’t see the Niners game when Cody Pickett of Special Teams got subbed in at QB. I’ve just heard how cool it was. 😉

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