Back to the Future [Open Thread]

I have a couple more posts in the queue but I probably won’t get to them tonight. In the meantime, a music review:
The Raveonettes: Pretty in Black: The Raveonettes really want to be a ’50s band. They’re named after a Buddy Holly song, and when modern covers of ’50s classics were needed for the Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack, the Raveonettes already had “My Boyfriend’s Back” on this album. (That’s what inspired me to check it out in the first place.) The album is quite pleasant, although nowhere spectacular, and tends towards doo-wop or country-tinged songs, albeit with somewhat less wholesome lyrics than would be found in authentic oldies. “Somewhere in Texas” is better than it should be, and “Sleepwalking” is also very good once you get past the intro.

One thought on “Back to the Future [Open Thread]

  1. Mason

    They opened for Depeche Mode. I thought one the better tracks they sang then (although the sound system didn’t make their lyrics coherent) reminded me of Garbage. There was also a cover, but I don’t remember whether it was “My Boyfriend’s Back”. Most of their stuff gave me a ‘blah’ reaction, and it was hard to tell how much of that was their live rendition and how much was the music itself. Nothing sounded horrible, but I wasn’t excited either.

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