Misleading notation [Open Thread]

I guess there are Olympics going on now? One of my fellow physicists was asking me where to watch them online; via Lifehacker, the answer is nbcolympics.com.
While on the subject of sports, I see via Boing Boing a helpful guide for quail hunters. And as usual, the Daily Show has the final word on this topic. (Unless Fafblog decides to weigh in.)
In music news, I woke up in the middle of today’s 290K seminar to see what appeared to be guitar tab notation on the blackboard under the heading “Stripes White”. But it turned out the speaker was talking about stripes in the 2D Hubbard model, rather than discussing the guitar part of a White Stripes song. Anyway, I have an album to review:
Cat Power: The Greatest: The title of this album must have annoyed Matador’s marketing department, who have gone to some lengths in the packaging to assure the prospective buyer that this is indeed a new LP rather than a greatest hits collection. I liked her previous record, You Are Free, but it was fairly minimalist, so the richer and brighter textures of this one are a nice change. There’s nothing quite as entrancing as “Werewolf” (which has become one of my mix CD standbys) but overall I like it better than her earlier works. Apparently she enlisted the help of some legendary soul musicians for this one, but since I’m not terribly knowledgable about soul the significance of this was lost on me. The song “Hate” sounds like her style from You Are Free, while referencing a Nirvana song and classic Engrish specimen; “Could We” is more representative of this album.

7 thoughts on “Misleading notation [Open Thread]

  1. Mason

    There’s always armadillo racing…
    I’ve never particularly cared about the Olympics. Olympic baseball would be cool (if the stations showed it for more than a few minutes in a row, and now the sport has been axed from the Games), but it conflicts with the Major League games.
    Watching some of the stuff in person can be cool (I got to do that a bit in 84), but I have too many baseball articles this offseason to read to bother with the Olympics. :)

  2. JSpur

    Okay, I just can’t leave this topic alone and as one of the few readers (in all likelihood) of this blog who has actually sought quail in the wild, shotgun in hand, with malice aforethought, maybe I should dilate on it a bit.
    The line that these guys are spinning out of the White House is completely laughable. Somehow it’s this old lawyer’s fault that Cheney sprayed him with birdshot? Bullshit, plain and simple. First rule of upland bird hunting? DON’T TAKE A SHOT AT A BIRD IF THERE’S A DOG OR A HUMAN SOMEWHERE BETWEEN HERE AND YONDER BIRD.
    When I went in for this sort of thing, back in the day? It never happened. Not once. To call it a rookie mistake is an insult to all rookies.
    Cheney ought to be a man, own up to his mistake, and quit trying to hide behind the notion that there was anyone else even conceivably at fault.
    The way they handled the news tells you that they know the Veep has no excuse, too, btw.
    (On top of all this, turns out these guys weren’t even carrying the proper hunting licenses.)
    Not that any of this has real policy implications. But the episode does sorta reek of cover-up, blame shifting and arrogance.

  3. Arcane Gazebo

    No, no, the first rule of upland bird hunting is that you do not talk about upland bird hunting.
    You’ll notice the VP’s office observed this rule by not talking to the press about the accident.

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