Pretty Girls Make Graves, on my doorstep

As announced here earlier, Pretty Girls Make Graves played at UC Berkeley tonight. This was extremely convenient, since I could leave the lab at 8:50 and be early for the 9:00 show. I expected it to be out on Lower Sproul Plaza, but in fact it was inside: good insofar as I didn’t freeze to death, bad since the acoustics are terrible in the Bear’s Lair food court. A punk band called the Sweet Nothings opened; I was not impressed, especially not by their closer, which was a reprehensible punk cover of “Eye of the Tiger”.
Fortunately, PGMG made up for it. They played five songs from their upcoming album Elan Vital, which I am now very eagerly anticipating— all the new stuff is very good. The rest of the set was drawn from The New Romance except for their final song, “Speakers Push The Air” from Good Health. Unfortunately one of their guitarists has left the band, so we were deprived of what one critic aptly called “knife-fight guitar solos”, but new keyboardist Leona Marrs was very good, and also played the accordion on one of the new songs. Lead singer Andrea Zollo is just as awesome as she sounds on the recordings.
The first song they played was “The Nocturnal House” from Elan Vital, which can be downloaded for free at their label’s website. The other four new songs were even better than this. Intruigingly, on the last new song the bassist switched to vocals, the drummer switched to bass, and the guitarist switched to saxophone. However, their best song in the live show is also their best recording: “Something Bigger, Something Brighter” from The New Romance.
Since the Stars show last Friday, this has been quite a good week musically speaking. The setlist for tonight’s show is below the fold (to the best of my recollection, I may have the order slightly wrong).
UPDATE: Filled in the missing song titles in the setlist now that I have Élan Vital.

PGMG setlist, 2/16 @ UC Berkeley
The Nocturnal House
Blue Lights
The Grandmother Wolf
Pyrite Pedestal
The New Romance
Chemical, Chemical
Selling The Wind
The Number
This Is Our Emergency
All Medicated Geniuses
Something Bigger, Something Brighter
Pictures of a Night Scene
Speakers Push The Air

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  1. Arcane Gazebo

    Asking about Ted Leo songs in a PGMG thread is a pretty good definition of “off-topic”. :) I’ll go the “teach a man to fish” route and recommend this as a starting point for making your own ringtones. (Mainly because I don’t know a good ringtone site myself.)
    Also, this puts the thread back on-topic since you could also use this method to make a ringtone out of, e.g., “The Nocturnal House”. Or “This Is Our Emergency”, maybe the “shout out so I can hear you” line.

  2. Josh

    I’d like to go off-topic again to point out that even your leviathan 69-comment thread has not yet worked to the advantage of Godwin’s Law.
    There was mention of Holocaust victims, but while that skirts the edge of the all-important internet discussion topic, it does not quite land in bounds of the rules of Godwin’s Law.
    Therefore, AG, I say to you that if you cannot create a thread long enough to provide evidence to this internet law, then you are a Nazi no better than Hitler.

  3. Lemming

    It just occured to me that PGMG is very close to PGMP, short for “Plasma Gun, Man-Portable.” In Megatraveller, the PC game, it was pretty much the best peron-to-person weapon you could get. If you could scrounge together enough money for one, there was a “trade route” where you could smuggle them in the starting system to a world were they were highly illegal. You could fetch quite a profit and quickly gain ridiculous amounts of cash. Between shipping weaponry and carting large amounts of water to desert worlds it wasn’t hard to make your wallet overflow. I think internally it still had the right numbers, but couldn’t display anything above 4 billion (the printing code must cast it to a uint32_t).

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