Battle of the [Energy] Bands

Oops, I meant to blog this a little bit earlier, but fortunately it’s not too late: Chad Orzel is polling on the Greatest Physics Experiment from a set of eleven nominees (which have been described in some detail in earlier posts at Uncertain Principles). So go over there and vote! My endorsement is for Cavendish. (Also, I regret not nominating Onnes for the discovery of superconductivity.) Preliminary results are here.

3 thoughts on “Battle of the [Energy] Bands

  1. Mason

    I was considering offering a write-in vote for Poincare’s three-volume treatise—even though that work was entirely theoretical. Just because.

  2. Mason

    To be fair, I cited a whole three-volume treatise rather than a single paper.
    I’ll take a look at some point—I bet they focused on “traditional” areas of physics rather than the ones in which I partake.
    I hope the original boundary layer theory paper was at least prominently mentioned. Many physicists seem to go apeshit about things that are really small and really big but ignore all the really fascinating phenomena that happen between scales. (Multiple-scale phenomena are among my primary interests.)

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