I’ve now gotten around to burning new copies of Year of the Phoenix, the mix CD I made with my favorite songs of 2005. I’m sending them to some friends I meant to see around New Year’s but didn’t manage to, and in the process I’m correcting the problems that plagued track 12 in every previous copy, and other tracks in certain batches. So if you got one of the old copies but want a fresh one that plays properly all the way through, let me know. Or if you didn’t get a copy but would like one. The “2006 Rebirth Edition” of Year of the Phoenix is not only remastered but includes a bonus track, “Calendar Girl” by Stars.
Seems I’m taking on several overdue projects this weekend…

3 thoughts on “Reissue

  1. lauralizzer

    hey! I haven’t seen you in about a billion yesrs, but if you are feeling generous and giving out CD’s… Have been talking a bit with Shellock, trying to get in a trip to CT in the near future, though near might be as far as next New Year’s or as soon as this summer… Can’t find your address, either, so you had to be bereft of the yearly Christmas card. Anyway, drop me a line sometime!

  2. Arcane Gazebo

    Laura! I’m totally sending you a CD. I may have your mailing address but if not I’ll e-mail you asking for it (and give you mine).
    If you turn up in CT around New Year’s I’ll definitely see you then. I might find an excuse to come out this summer as well if there’s to be a reunion…

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