ID Whack-a-mole: Nevada

Shellock sends along this story about a guy trying to get anti-evolution provisions into the Nevada constitution. Fortunately, he seems to be one of the less organized species of crackpot:

Las Vegas masonry contractor Steve Brown filed his initiative petition with the secretary of state’s office, and must collect 83,184 signatures by June 20 to get the plan on the November ballot. To amend the Nevada Constitution, he’d have to win voter approval this year and again in the 2008 elections.
Brown said Tuesday that he hopes that volunteers will help him collect the signatures, but at this point has no name-gathering organization set up. A Democrat and member of a nondenominational church, he said he hoped for broad support from people who share his views.

(Emphasis mine.) Presumably some creationist lobbying group could step in and help gather the signatures, but I don’t think even the Discovery Institute is that dumb. I know it’s a bad idea to bet against the stupidity of the American people, but I expect this particular proposal to fizzle out. Actually, given that the movement here consists of one dude, I wonder why it’s getting any press coverage at all. There are plenty of crazy guys on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley whose theories and legal proposals are equally newsworthy.
(I see Pharyngula also has this story.)

6 thoughts on “ID Whack-a-mole: Nevada

  1. Lemming

    He might be praying for signatures. Better yet, trying to garner enough publicity so that lots of people will pray for signatures.
    It’s a sure win.

  2. JSpur

    If that’s the case then he better hope his customers don’t start praying for their brickwork to be done by Divine Intervention I reckon.

  3. Lemming

    Scary how close to reality that comes. A friend-of-a-friend worked in some sort of construction, and they were putting up a new building. They kept hitting snags wrt some things not being up to code, and every time a problem cropped up, they would all stop for group prayer. They hoped for some sort of divine intervention (inspiration or otherwise).
    I’m not kidding.
    They kept falling further and further behind schedule, and said friend-of-a-friend just kept working while the rest took more and more time off for group prayer. Needless to say, they didn’t keep that job long, though I think it’s safe to say it was for the best. (fwiw, I’m not sure if said person voluntarily left or was let go)

  4. Jolene

    Sorry that it’s almost completely unrelated, but it struck me as amusing that there’s a grad student who works in my lab named Steve Brown as well–and some of his research involves evolving RNAs to bind target molecules. ID, eh?

  5. shellock

    I just hope this moron making the news does not bring new champions to his hopefully lost cuase

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