Mathematical Fashions

While we toil away on our experiments in Birge Hall, the works of our mathematical colleagues in neighboring Evans become ever more mysterious.
The Sarong Theorem Archive: This page is an electronic archive of images of people proving theorems while wearing sarongs.
So what theorem would you choose when preparing a photo for this page? I would go with the proof of the error bound on Simpson’s Rule, but I should give Mason first dibs on that.
Via Bitch, Ph.D.

7 thoughts on “Mathematical Fashions

  1. Mason

    What the fuck?!?
    Actually, the Gazebo has “proven Simpson’s Rule” publically more than I have, so I think I should leave that one for him. (“Proving Simpson’s Rule” is a euphemism, by the way. I especially recommend that it be done with a pair of Elder Gods.)
    I’m not sure which one I should do. I admit the Simpson’s Rule bound would be appropriate, but the Cauchy Integral Theorem would also make a lot of sense. Or I could be a maverick and go all the way to KAM (as long as there’s a lot of blackboard space and some time).
    By the way, there is a former Techer (well, one that I know of) among the pictures on that page. She’s either from the class of ’00 or ’01.

  2. Mason

    Gazebo, clearly you need to dust off the notes for the Simpson’s Rule proof. And some of the grad students may even remember one of the original presentations of it. :)

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