Belle & Sebastian blow their cover

Like I’m going to see two of my favorite bands in one night and not say it was awesome. First, the New Pornographers, who are without Neko Case on this tour. There’s definitely something missing without her formidable voice; I think they had their (excellent) keyboardist doing the female vocals although I couldn’t see the stage very well during their set, so I’m not sure. I also may have missed a song or two, since I was late looking for parking. I didn’t keep track of their setlist, but they played several of my favorites: “The Laws Have Changed”, “From Blown Speakers”, “The Bleeding Heart Show”, and “Stacked Crooked”. Carl Newman forgot the opening to “It’s Only Divine Right” and started in the middle of the song; after that no one else could remember how it started either and there was some confusion onstage. (Eventually it came back to him.) Despite the absence of Neko Case it was still a pretty good performance.
Then, Belle & Sebastian. After the March Meeting is when I often take up new projects, and one I was thinking about was learning all the songs from If You’re Feeling Sinister on the guitar. I’ve started with the first track, “The Stars of Track and Field”, and have given it a few attempts since I got back from Baltimore. So it seemed like an omen when Stuart Murdoch came out on stage, picked up his acoustic guitar, and led off with “Make a new cult every day to suit your affairs…” They played several other songs from that album, many from their latest (The Life Pursuit) and a couple from each of the others, excluding (conveniently) the two I don’t own (which are Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant and Storytelling). Also a few from their EP releases, including—to my delight—”Your Cover’s Blown”. That was probably the one track I was really hoping they’d play.
I could have stood there forever listening to them, and it seemed too soon when they stopped. Somehow they got away without playing “The Blues Are Still Blue”, even though the single just came out. (As I’ve mentioned, that’s my favorite song on the latest LP.) It was a great show, and I plan to see them again the next time they tour the U.S.
Belle & Sebastian’s setlist is below the fold; I was writing them down on an index card, which led at least one person to start asking me for the names of the songs he didn’t recognize.

The Stars of Track and Field
Another Sunny Day
Funny Little Frog
If You’re Feeling Sinister
Sukie In The Graveyard
Electronic Renaissance
Song For Sunshine
We Are The Sleepyheads
Piazza, New York Catcher [naturally]
The Fox In The Snow
She’s Losing It
Your Cover’s Blown
Dog On Wheels
I’m A Cuckoo
Jonathan David
White Collar Boy
Judy And The Dream Of Horses
Simple Things
The Boy With The Arab Strap

6 thoughts on “Belle & Sebastian blow their cover

  1. Mason

    Hey, maybe you can meet people that way?
    Among the few times I meet people is when I’m asked to explain the shirt I’m wearing or I am otherwise approach because of it (including the infamous successful charisma check followed by failed intelligence check when I was living in Berkeley—well, I also accidently hit her twice with the back of my pool cue, but maybe that was just an ice breaker?).

  2. julianne

    ahhhhh!!! i wish i was there! im sure ive told you a million times now!:) im glad you had a great time though.

  3. Danil

    Belle & Sebastian ? That’s the band that’s playing when Barry first walks into the store in High Fidelity?
    Arcane Gazebo: where every thread is a film thread :)

  4. Arcane Gazebo

    Ha, despite my efforts to make every thread a music thread. :)
    I haven’t seen High Fidelity, but you’re right, their song “Seymour Stein” is on the soundtrack. Hmm, maybe I should watch it.

  5. Lanth

    And here I was just thinking what a great song The Blues are Still Blue was, walking in to lab :) Course, it helps I was doing laundry this morning too.

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