Unofficial reunion at Caltech’s Alumni Weekend?

This post is primarily meant for the Caltech alums in the audience. Mohi and I were discussing alumni weekend—this year will be the five-year reunion for our class—and we’re wondering how many people are going to be there, or might be interested in meeting up there. We’re not necessarily thinking about going to the official alum events, but this seems like a good opportunity to get everyone there at the same time. Post your thoughts in the comments. The relevant dates are May 18-21.

4 thoughts on “Unofficial reunion at Caltech’s Alumni Weekend?

  1. Justin

    I’ll be around, of course. :-) Haven’t decided whether to attend the official dinner at the Ath (it’s my 10-year reunion), probably won’t attend the seminars since the topics looked less interesting than usual this year.

  2. Mason

    I’ll be in town at the very end of it (due to the magic of time zones changes). I will be at the 60 birthday conference for one of my collaborators. This is taking place in Copenhagen. (And I have a special slide with his Pulitzer Prize [the one I awarded him last year] that will be making an appearance in my talk. :) )
    I should arrive back in LA on 5/21, if I am remembering correctly.
    In terms of “official” events, the dinner is kind of cool to go to. Of course, I then was convinced to judge airband, so I missed a party at Judy Green’s house that actually had about 1/3 of the Lloydies from the class of 98. (I was the only Lloydie from 98 to attend the official reunion dinner.)
    I only went to the student talks, as I recall. I spent some time hanging out with friends in the area, because it was mostly an excuse to be on campus. I may have done a couple things besides the reunion dinner, but I don’t remember what they were at the moment.
    I think more people go to the official stuff for the 10 year reunions and beyond. There were 2 tables from the class of 98, so maybe 20 people in total (officially; there were apparently a good number more in the area).

  3. Jolene

    I’m pseudo-local so I might be able to go up. The 19th is commencement here, and the grad office “requires” everyone to attend, but I don’t have any close friends graduating. I haven’t heard anything about whether people I know from my class are going to be there–not that the 2-year reunion is really all that exciting.

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