Lacrosse Culture

Slate has a piece on why lacrosse players are an especially obnoxious breed of jock. Those of you who went to high school with me already know this; I was in one of those communities in the Northeast where lacrosse was a big sport, and indeed several guys from my school went on to play lacrosse for Duke. (I have no idea whether any NCHS alums are among the current ignominious Duke lacrosse team.) Fortunately after a couple of years in California I had forgotten that the letters “LAX” denoted something besides an airport.

5 thoughts on “Lacrosse Culture

  1. shellock

    For NCHS poeple:
    “I dont need a Cup” then later “POP!” one less jock to breed

  2. Mason

    My high school alma mater just formed a lacrosse team within the last couple of years because they finally decided that being on the west coast shouldn’t prevent them from attempting to conform to the BH stereotype as much as possible.
    I was discussing this with Justin on Friday, and I would simply love to see a major media outlet raise the question of whether the Duke would also have cancelled the season if their basketball team had instead been involved in this country. Let me give a cynical voice here (which has yielded several hundred points for other people in past games of 1000 blank white cards) and claim that the season would not have been cancelled for Duke basketball. In an ideal world, the punishment (whatever one thinks it should be; I think cancelling the season seems a reasonably thing to do) should be the same no matter how popular/”important” a given sport is to a school (Duke goes gaga over basketball, as most of you probably know), and it would be very nice if ESPN and other major sports outlets raised this issue. (Note: I am not criticizing specific places for not raising this point because I haven’t actually checked if they have raised this point. I am just expressing my desire for such outlets to discuss this point.)

  3. agm

    Ah, it was poetic justice when I was able to tell an undergrad here that the entire undergrad body needed to Shut The F*** Up. Last year several of our lacrosse players were suspended for two semesters (after appeal) after sending some new team members who happened to be freshmen to the hostpital with alcohol poisoning. The student body went nuts, protesting and being a total pain in the arse. I told the person I was talking to that she was quite out of touch with reality, that the school had just gone to the mat to keep these kids out of legal trouble, and the had the balls to complaign?!
    I was not upset that it probably kept a few people out of the law school of their choice, since after all it also kept them out of jail. As opposed to what would happen to me if I sent an underage person to the hospital under the same circumstances…

  4. Katie

    My old boss was a lacrosse player turned school pricipal/lacrosse coach. He had Dr. Pessagno’s God complex but without the wisdom to go behind it. Not a good thing…

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